First Time Custom Gun Buyers tips

The Simple Points to Consider for First Time Custom Gun Buyers

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First Time Custom Gun Buyers

One of the tough decisions first time custom gun buyers have to make is determining what kind of a gun to buy. Those familiar with guns and understand the worth of custom guns. However, they also face a dilemma about what is best for them.

What are some of the things to consider while buying a custom gun for the first time? Among the essential factors include budget, laws and regulations, reliability, ease of use, among others. Remember buying a custom gun is a significant investment.

Unlike ordinary firearms, custom guns come added with unique features to enhance performance, reliability, and the design of the gun. Therefore, as a first-time buyer, you should be very considerate. This guide will help you as you make up your mind.

Tips for First time custom gun buyers
Tips for First time custom gun buyers

Local Laws

Let’s assume you are among the category of persons allowed to own a firearm within the U.S. However, that is not enough for you to go ahead and buy a custom gun since you need to understand what the laws and regulations highlight about custom guns.

Depending on your state, local regulations differ while there are also federal laws that apply to all. For instance, anybody purchasing a firearm from a dealer must undergo background checks. What kind of custom made guns are legal in your state? It is another issue you should not assume.

Besides, there are some customizations on a gun that might convert it to an illegal weapon. You should take the initiative to understand the restrictions of firearms from the National Firearms Act. Besides, you can seek help from a firearms attorney who will guide you on legal matters concerning the custom gun you wish to buy.


As mentioned above, there are a number of extras that come along installed on a custom gun compared to a standard one. As a matter of fact, custom guns are a bit pricey. A budget is essential while you plan to buy such a gun for the first time.

Several things affect the price of any custom gun. They include the following:

  1. Any action job that was done on the gun
  2. Extra accessories added.
  3. Upgrades of components on the gun such as custom grips, barrels, triggers, etc.
  4. Any custom engravings on gun

Your budget should align with certain customs you need on a gun. This should take us to our next point, which is reliability.


Does the product you are paying for satisfying your needs? One of the primary reasons to go for a custom gun is reliability. You should critically assess what kind of customizations will help you achieve performance to your satisfaction.

Have you ever tried such a model with similar customizations? What was the performance of the gun? These are among the simple things that help you determine the reliability of your custom gun.

Among other things to examine the reliability of a custom gun include;

  1. The ease in handling the gun
  2. Impact it holds out
  3. Does the gun heat up?
  4. The accuracy and sturdiness
  5. Does it serve your needs?

Find a Good Deal From a Reputable Brand and Dealer

When you have met all of the above considerations, you may now take time a do a small assignment on two things, i.e., the best price available in the market and the best dealer to buy from.

Different firearm dealers will offer different prices depending on the customization done on the firearm. Take time to research who offers you quality and meets all the standards required. You can visit dealers from physical shops or use online platforms to provide such products.

Similarly, you ought to purchase from a dealer with a good reputation. You do not want to buy a custom gun with all kinds of flaws, yet you have invested so much.  Besides, consider brands known to make excellent and quality custom guns in the market.

Maintenance and Proficiency with the Gun

Now that you have acquired the custom gun, there are several other critical things to consider. What is your level of proficiency with the gun? Can you maintain the firearm?

Before purchasing, you should at least have the necessary skills with a custom gun of your choice. However, you need to keep training to perfect your skills with that particular firearm. It helps you explore the full potential of your custom gun. In addition, it enhances your ability to use the firearm safely.

Finally, you need to learn how to maintain the gun. Read and understand the manuals that come along with the custom gun after a purchase. Often check your gun and clean some of the parts to ensure it functions well. After cleaning, do light greasing on your on mechanical parts. However, avoid overdoing some of these maintenance practices on your custom gun.


Buying a custom gun as a beginner can be an exciting experience. However, custom guns are not for everyone. You ought to follow the above points to be on the safer side of regulating authorities, and it helps you acquire a custom gun worth your investment.

We hope this article broadened your understanding of what to do while buying a custom gun as a beginner.

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