What is the Difference between an AR-14 and AR-15?

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Difference between an AR-14 and AR-15

I’m sure you must have heard about these terms, the AR-14 and the AR-15, on media and from gun enthusiasts. During the 2020 U.S election campaigns, the AR-15 and AR-14 were common topics.  What about them? Let’s explore each of them.

What is an AR-15 anyway?

The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that adopts its design from the ArmaLite Rifle. Therefore, it was named the “AR” followed by “15,” representing the model number. People have different names for the AR-15, such as “Assault Rifle” and “Automatic Rifle.” However, those are not the real names of the AR-15.  A significant group also refers to the AR-15 as the “American Rifle” or the “Black Rifle.”

The AR-15 was designed from Eugene Stoner’s AR-10 design. It features two main compartments, i.e., the upper receiver and lower receiver. It has been in service for decades and also had a big break-through in the civilian market. This lightweight semi-automatic rifle is very popular as a modern sporting rifle.

However, it has been highly politicized, whereby some refer to it as an “assault rifle.”

In a real sense, the AR-15 does not fit in the category of assault rifles.

Also, some deadly terrorist activities and killings have been linked to the AR-15 in several incidents, raising the media’s attention and interest.

There is no accurate data on how many AR-15 rifles exist in America, but the National Shooting Sports Foundation stipulates that by 2019 there were approximately 10 million AR-15 rifles owned by civilians.

What is an AR-14?

The term AR-14 is a heated topic. Some people believe the AR-14 does not exist; others will talk of the AR-14 DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) Assault Rifle used in the Swarm War, while others will talk of President Joe Biden’s “AR-14” during the 2020 campaigns.

First and foremost, the AR-14 is one of the many models designed by ArmaLite Company. As mentioned above, it’s the same company that designed the famous AR-15 rifle. However, this particular AR-14 did not have much welcome as the AR-10s and the AR-15s.

ArmaLite had designed the AR-14 as a semi-automatic sporting rifle based on Eugene Stoner’s gas system in the 1950s. They probably aimed for the .243 and .30-06 calibers. However, the AR-14 was not much of a success; thus, ArmaLite did not go into this rifle’s production.

There is minimum literature about the AR-14 model. However, history states that it was a real concept developed by ArmaLite Company.

On the other hand, in 2020, President Joe Biden hit the social media platforms with a viral video after threatening a Union Worker, one Jerry Wayne, that he would confiscate his “AR-14”. In the real sense, he was referring to the AR-15.

The AR-14 DEW Assault Rifle was the first energy weapon used by the Allegiance soldiers. Its short-range rifle was introduced in 2724. Over the years, it has been modified, and there are various variants of this rifle.

What is the difference?  AR-14 vs. AR-15

The difference is determined by what AR-14 you are referring to. The AR-14 by ArmaLite Company was a concept before the AR-15 but didn’t have much success. The AR-15, on the other hand, was a success for ArmaLite that lead to mass production. The military also adopted it as their rifle of war.

The difference between the AR-15 and the AR-14 DEW is based on their category. The AR-14 DEW is an assault rifle, while the AR-15 is not an assault rifle. Thus, AR-14 DEW rifles are illegal for a civilian to own.

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