Build or Buy An AR 15

Building Vs Buying an AR-15? Which is Better?

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Build or Buy An AR-15 – Advantage and Disadvantage

The AR-15 is among the most popular sporting Rifle in the U.S. Among the reasons that make it very popular include easy handling, affordability, lightweight, easily customizable, and accuracy. Should I build or buy an AR-15? Many gun enthusiasts and first-time owners may be faced with a similar dilemma. 

If you opt to buy an AR-15 rather than build one, it comes with certain benefits and vice versa. To help you make a decision between building vs. buying an AR-15, we have looked into the advantages and setbacks of each. It will assist you in comprehending what suits you best. 

Build Or Buy An AR-15
Build Or Buy An AR-15

Advantages Of Buying An AR-15

Buying means you walk into a gun store near you and buy a complete gun or even make a purchase from online gun stores. You get a ready-made AR-15 ready to shoot. 

  • It comes with a warranty. Most firearm dealers and brands offer warranties for guns they build and sell. In case your AR-15 has issues within the period of the warranty, you can return it and get it fixed. 
  • You get a reliable firearm that is ready to shoot. Most of the guns from a manufacturer have gone through a pretest. However, quality control differs across different manufacturers. 
  • Ease of purchase. As long as you meet the requirements to own a firearm, you can buy one from the nearest gun shop or online dealers and have access to your AR-15.
  • The fit and finish are superior compared to building your own. Why? When manufacturers are making the parts, they make sure they match and are well fixed. No worries about the compatibility of parts of your gun. 

Advantages Of Building An AR-15

Building an AR-15 requires you to buy all the necessary parts and components and then join them together to come up with a complete gun. Here are the pros:

  • Reduced cost. Parts and accessories of an AR-15 are affordable and readily available in the market. Also, you will evade other costs, such as the tax on a firearm.
  • You get the exact firearm you want. While building your AR-15, you can easily customize it with parts and accessories of your choice to get a high-quality gun. 
  • You get to know how the system of your gun works. Unlike buying an AR-15, building one requires you to assemble individual parts of the gun, thus enhancing your understanding of guns. 
  • You can build your AR-15 overtime. Depending on your schedule and budget, you can easily build an AR-15 at your own pace. That means you can wait for the best deals on parts in the market. 

Disadvantages Of Buying An AR-15

  • Increased cost. If you want to invest in a quality and reliable AR-15, it requires you to spend more money compared to building one. In any case, you get what you pay for some of the time.
  • It comes with standard AR-15 accessories. Most shooters end up doing an upgrade on their rifles and pistols, and that makes you spend extra cash. For instance, the rail system, grips, buttstocks, sights, triggers, etc. 
  • It’s not the best for tactical shooting. A standard AR-15 from a gun store is a suitable option for home defense. However, as mentioned above, as a tactical shooter, you will end up doing an upgrade and modifying the gun for it to meet your needs. As a result, building your AR-15 out does buy one. 

Disadvantages Of Building An AR-15

  • One of the biggest cons of building your own AR-15 is that you have no warranty, unlike buying one. If you have issues with your gun, you will solely cater for the cost of fixing it. 
  • Not all parts available in the market are interchangeable. Depending on the AR-15 you intend to make, some parts might not be compatible to make the best firearm. Also, other aftermarket parts and accessories are not of the best quality. 
  • Building an AR-15 may be time-consuming, especially if you buy the parts from different sellers. Also, you might not get the exact parts you need at that particular moment. You must practice patience. 
  • If you have no interest in fixing devices and tools, you will experience hardship building an AR-15. You might end-up building a poorly performing rifle because the parts are not well fixed, yet you have spent money purchasing all the necessary parts. 

Final Thought

Should I Build Or Buy An AR-15?

If you need to own an AR-15 as a first-time buyer, buying one is a better option. Research on the best AR-15s available in the market that are within your budget and buy one. It will help you avoid the headaches and hassles of assembling one. In case you dislike some features or parts, consider taking it to a gunsmith. 

On the other hand, if you have experience with AR-15s, you can build one. However, use quality parts and accessories so that you come up with a reliable AR-15. 

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