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What are the 10 rules of Golden Gun Safety?

Gun safety rules Millions of shooters acquire guns every year, and the buyer’s largest percentage are first-time gun buyers. Therefore, it’s essential for them to practice gun safety until it…

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What is the Difference between an AR-14 and AR-15?

I’m sure you must have heard about these terms, the AR-14 and the AR-15, on media and from gun enthusiasts. During the 2020 U.S election campaigns, the AR-15 and AR-14...
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Why Does Anyone Need an AR-15?

AR-15 The AR-15 or the “black life” is a popular gun. It’s known for good and bad reasons. It all depends on your stand. Before we jump into exploring why...
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The Ultimate Guide To Build An AR-15(Build AR-15 Parts)

AR-15 Parts and How to Build Guide The AR-15 is a common rifle in the American civilian gun market. It’s a semi-automatic version of the military M16 rifle. AR-15scome in...
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Building Vs. Buying an AR-15? Which is Better?

Build or Buy An AR-15 – Advantage and Disadvantage The AR-15 is among the most popular sporting Rifle in the U.S. Among the reasons that make it very popular include…

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How To Install An AR-15 Barrel And Gas Tube?

AR-15 Barrel Installation There are numerous tasks in building an AR-15 which are different in complexity and mechanical know-how. This can be as small as basic plumbing too as complicated…

Is it Legal to Build Your Own Gun
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Would You Like To Know Is It Legal To Build Your Own Gun at Home?

Is It Legal To Make Your Own Gun At Home? Yes, it’s legal under federal law. However, state regulations vary; therefore, not all states allow it. For instance, in California,…

Tips for First time custom gun buyers
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The Simple Points to Consider for First Time Custom Gun Buyers

First Time Custom Gun Buyers One of the tough decisions first time custom gun buyers have to make is determining what kind of a gun to buy. Those familiar with…

AR-15 History
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AR-15 History – To Know The AR-15 Journey(ArmaLite-15)

History of The AR-15 The AR-15 is one of the most prolific and iconic firearms of all time. Its name comes from the original manufacturing company known as the ArmaLite…

AR-15 vs M4
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What are the Differences and Similarities Between AR-15 vs M4?

AR-15 vs. M4 M4 vs. AR-15 are very popular rifles within the U.S and the gun community. You have probably identified the M4 rifle with the U.S military troops, while…