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Custom AR-15

No gun in the world is more iconic than the AR-15. From its humble beginnings in Vietnam, to it providing soldiers with protection in Iraq and Afghanistan, this rifle has seen a lot of action. Invented in the 1960’s by Eugene Stoner, the AR in AR-15 comes from Stoner’s company that produced the military’s M-16 rifle, Armalite. While the AR-15 additionally had some challenges when it was first used in the humid climate of Vietnam, there soon came improvements that made this gun one of the finest in the world.

Today, civilians proudly own AR-15’s and use them for all kinds of activities. Whether they are used for hunting, target shooting, or home defense, AR-15 rifles can’t be beat. One of the best things about AR-style rifles is their adaptability. There are all kinds of customizations and modifications that can be made on these rifles, and many companies make a huge variety of accessories and aftermarket parts for them. There has never been a better time for people to buy their first, or eighth, AR-15, as the market is loaded with high-quality rifles at reasonable prices.

What is a Custom AR-15 ?

Customizing AR-15’s has never been easier. With all of the resources available on YouTube and everywhere else on the Internet, there is no reason that you can’t modify your AR to your liking. AR-15’s are great rifles out of the box, but there are so many ways in which they can be improved or modified to the specific user’s liking. From aftermarket triggers, to a new handguard, and so many other features, you can customize your AR-15 until you either run out of money or ideas.

One of the best ways to have a custom AR-15 that is exactly what you want it to be is simply to build it yourself. You can buy a complete lower receiver that is already assembled and an upper receiver that is already assembled. Or you can buy a stripped lower receiver, an upper receiver, a stock, and every other part you need. Many people like to build their AR’s from the ground up and take a lot of pride in them. If you use online resources, you can certainly build your own AR rifle from scratch so that it will be just the way you want it.

Another way that you can own a custom AR-15 is to buy a cheap, basic AR rifle. From this cheap rifle, you can upgrade whatever parts you want and add all kinds of new gear. You could have a gunsmith install a new barrel, you could put a new stock on it, or you could put a new handguard on it. There is literally no limit to what you can do.

One final way that you can put together the AR-15 of your dreams is to have a custom gun maker build you one. There are many of these gun makers that can be found online. Some of them offer catalogs online or print catalogs. You have all kinds of choices and decisions you can make about the rifle. From the barrel twist and length to having a military or commercial buffer tube, these custom gun makers work with you in every way to build the best AR possible.

Numerous Ways to Customize AR-15’s

It would be impossible to even try to list all of the ways in which you can customize the venerable AR-style rifle. There are tons of both cheap and expensive upgrades and accessories that can be added to the AR rifle. Here is a list of some of the more popular AR-15 accessories and upgrades available to you:


Pistol Grip

Upgrading your pistol grip can be one of the best ways to instantly add more control to your rifle. There are a wide variety of grips on the market, from minimalist grips to large ones. You have many options when it comes to pistol grips. You can choose the color, the texture, and the material it is made out of, in addition to the style in which it is molded.



Putting a new handguard on an AR-15 can serve a lot more purposes than just good looks. If you pick a handguard that has rails on it, you instantly have much more real estate to put accessories such as lights, lasers, and fore grips on. Other handguards can be built with speed or their light weight in mind, each one serving a specific purpose.



Customizing the stock on an AR-15 is one of the first things many new rifle owners do. While there is nothing wrong with the mil-spec buttstock, aftermarket stocks can offer more stability, precision, and comfort than the originals. What you are looking to use your rifle for will determine the best stock for you to upgrade with, as some stocks focus on their light weight and some focus on providing more stability.

Vertical Grip

Vertical Grip

Adding a vertical grip on the front end of your AR-15 rifle can provide you with more control over the gun. Vertical grips help keep the muzzle flip down from recoil, as it allows you to keep the gun tight and low to your shoulder. A vertical grip should be considered for any home defense AR, in addition to a rifle you will think you need to use in close-quarters situations.



Everyone loves scopes, red dots, and holographic sights. They help you reach out and hit targets that your naked eye couldn’t. Hunters using their AR should consider a variable-power scope, as they may need to see smaller targets at farther distances. Home defense guns would be good to go with a red dot or holographic sight, as these are perfect for up-close, fast-paced shooting.

Weapon Lights

Weapon Lights

No AR-15 built for home defense is complete without a light of some sort. You need to be able to see what you are shooting in order to be effective, so a light is a great option. Many come with pressure switches, which you can tape to your gun, and these help you keep your hands on the gun and off the light.


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